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Lola and an old NV Krug


The Champagne Warrior has partnered with CellarTracker to provide our on-line Champagne and sparkling wine database. This partnership allows subscribers to both the Champagne Warrior print edition and CellarTracker to have access to all of the Champagne Warrior reviews and articles via a searchable database. Subscribers will also see Champagne Warrior notes on any wines they have in their cellar. If you are not a Champagne Warrior subscriber and would like a two week trial to the database please click here.


Links to the Champagne Warrior database hosted by CellarTracker are below:


* please note: links below only work for CellarTracker subscribers who have activated the Champagne Warrior channel


-                Articles


-                Tasting Notes



If you have any questions on the searchable database please feel free to contact us.


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