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The Champagne Warrior ™ is proud to announce our partnership with CellarTracker™.  With over 80,000 users, nearly 14 Million bottles inventoried, and access to over 1 Million tasting notes, CellarTracker is the industry leader for Cellar Management Software as well as the world’s largest database and host of wine tasting notes and reviews.  Subscribers to both Champagne Warrior and CellarTracker  will have complete access on the CellarTracker website to all Champagne Warrior content:


* please note: links below only work for CellarTracker subscribers who have activated the Champagne Warrior channel


-                Articles


-                Tasting Notes


-                Searchable Database


If you are a subscriber to CellarTracker and The Champagne Warrior Newsletter, you will have access to online content for the timeframe of your Champagne Warrior subscription.  In fact, even if you aren’t a subscriber to Champagne Warrior, you can check enable a two week trial by clicking here. 


I know many of you have asked what the plans are for Champagne Warrior on-line content and a searchable database.  Well, it is here now and better than anything we could have imagined.  CellarTracker is the source for your online Champagne Warrior content.  So why are we using CellarTracker instead of implementing all of this into The Champagne Warrior website?  It is quite simple:


  • CellarTracker’s core is combining software expertise, ease of use, and a love of wine.


  • Champagne Warrior’s expertise is writing about Champagne.


  • The cost to the consumer is minimized by using CellarTracker.   So you not only get the online content you want and need, but you get it for a lower price.


  • There is enormous benefit and value to the CellarTracker outside of Champagne Warrior content: CellarTracker’s other partners, automatic cellar valuation, the user community, the ability to compare tasting notes from numerous sources, and the core software - the best cellar management software ever designed.  In other words, I have been recommending CellarTracker long before The Champagne Warrior existed.



In addition to the above, Champagne Warrior is offering a $30 discount for anyone who subscribes to CellarTracker  In other words, if you subscribe to CellarTracker, your subscription to Champagne Warrior is only $60. 


As a CellarTracker subscriber since early 2005, I’m excited about this partnership and feel it brings tremendous benefit to all Champagne Warrior subscribers.   I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with CellarTracker and welcome any feedback that you may have.




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