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Over seven years of The Champagne Warrior Newsletter have rolled off of the cyberspace presses. It has been a long journey, but I hope you find the end result worthy of the wait. Each issue of The Champagne Warrior Newsletter will have tasting notes as its core. In addition to this, there will be various features such as:


·         Vintage reviews

·         Producer profiles

·         News on the happenings in Champagne

·         Up and coming Champagne and sparkling wine producers

·         Sneak previews of wines well before they are released


If you would like to see a sample of a portion of the newsletter’s content, please click here.


So far, since 2009, the following has been published:


·         In-depth profiles on numerous producers

·         Reflections on Champagne vintages

·         Discussion on the issues that affect Champagne

·         Candid and open conversations with the winemakers and vinegrowers

·         Over 4,000 Champagne and sparkling wine reviews

·         Over 1,900 pages of information



Please give the newsletter a try and discover the best value in Champagne!


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