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The vineyards at Jacquesson


Interested in learning more about Champagne and sparkling wines?   Want to know where to spend your hard earned money, which bottles to drink now, and which bottles to store away?  If so, The Champagne Warrior Newsletter can help you answer these questions. 


Each issue of the Champagne Warrior is packed with reviews on new and past releases of Champagne and sparkling wines.  If it has bubbles, it will be reviewed! 


The Champagne Warrior Newsletter is published four to six times a year at an electronic subscription rate of $90 per year, but anyone who subscribes to CellarTracker or is an IWFS membercan subscribe to The Champagne Warrior for only $60 a year!  Additionally, you can choose to subscribe for just $10 a month.


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The Champagne Warrior is delivered electronically via a .pdf file and includes access to all articles and tasting notes via the Champagne Warrior database hosted by CellarTracker.  This page is to purchase non-auto-renewal subscriptions of the Champagne Warrior which also allows purchasers to not have to set up a PayPal account (though you can still use PayPal if desired).


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